петак, 10. новембар 2017.

Interview Katastrof

 1. Greetings! For start, can you tell us short history of your band? 
Hi, the band is born in 2012 by me and my drummer , we want made a band whit old school attitude but whit modern mentality about music and lyrics. the early years of the band have been tumultuous due to constant changes of members within the band, but fortunately one step at a time the situation has improved, allowing us to make 2 albums , 1 videoclip and a large amount of concerts all over Europe.

2. Wich bands inspired you the most and wich are some of your all time favourite bands?
The best inspirations are certainly the rac bands of the past, for the simplicity of the sound but very direct and the frankness in the lyrics. On all for example, Peggior Amico - Landser - Freikorps and a lot of other bands.

3. Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics?
The texts are based on our history, our lives and the present situation of our beloved Europe. 
Personally I tend to avoid talking about "bullshit" in our texts, such as drinking pub beers or other banals ... just look out the window to find inspiration and anger against this company ....just look at the monuments of our cities to decant a glorious past in which we take inspiration

4. Do you support any NS organisation?
We are all members of VENETO FRONTE SKINHEADS ,the most old Skinhead movement in Italy since 1986 . 

5. Tell us something about NS skinhead scene in Italy?

I personally do not like to talk much about other organizations in my country. I can only say that I see an exponential growth of nationalist and nationalist militancy in Italy, and it all makes me very happy, but I think the only possibility of radical change at European level, it is not in small teams or groups that are limited to nationalism only towards their own country, we must join forces throughout Europe, loving our history, but fighting together our common enemies.

6. What is political situation in Italy?

Today is a BIG SHIT !

7. How strong are the anti-NS laws in your country?
We currently have quite severe laws that limit our freedom, but unfortunately the current government is working on a new law very similar to the German / Austrian laws, which if they pass will be very tough .... But there is no law that can stop a idea ... so I think it will change very little .... just adapt and continue, with our heads, our fight ....

8. You had a few gigs in Serbia. What are your opinion about people and gigs here, and Serbia in general?

I love Serbia for many reasons: on the musical level, besides offering great bands, it has a genuine, sincere and warm scene every time I've played you I've always received great support and this for a band is really important. at the human and mental level, then I found an honest and combative spirit, something that in other European countries has now been stifled by the brainwashing of modernism and politically correct. Long life to the GREAT SERBIA

9. Does young people in Italy support NS idea?
Unfortunately the new generations here in Italy are growing in a fake world, in a world of bunts, without knowing the glorious history of our lands, are rattled by the mass media and deviated trends ... What I see is a generation of rammolites that if it does not wake up, it will soon be disintegrated by the new generations of halogens that are day by day becoming more and more strong .... Fortunately i see that some young people do not bend their heads on a cell phone and look around and decide to fight for their land

10. Tell us something about VFS?
The story of our movement has now come to 31 years of life ...
We have always had a major battle, THE BLOOD AGAINST THE GOLD, our political and social activities have always been at the forefront and very often prone to problems born years later, and at the music level we were the first in Italy and for many years in Europe to bring international bands to our stage and to offer festivals with thousands of participants. Every 5 years we organize a 3 day festival / meeting where we discuss politics, history and 3 days of concerts with a large number of bands. You can find news and other information on our site (www.venetofronteskinheads.org).

11. Which historical persons and heroes are the most respected within the movement in Italy?
Our story has given us an infinite number of heroes, it would be impossible to mention them all, I'm personally very close to all the heroes of the First World War, young heroes who fought a wretched and really tough war, especially the heroes of the PIAVE , the ARDITI and the glorious military force of the ALPINI ... then surely have a special place in my heart all the RSI volunteers who after 8 September 1943 remained faithful to Fascism and died for him remaining faithful to the idea.

12. What do you think about todays WP/NS scene in Europe?

I believe there are potentially good numbers, good political movements and a common sense of love for our Europe. We arestill at the beginning of this civil war, 'he expects us in the near future, and it is our duty to create, with all possible means, unions and collaborations among the various peoples to replicate what belongs to us.

13. What are your future plans, where do you see your band in the coming years?

By the end of 2017. we have two more concerts, one in south west Europe and one in Serbia, and in December we will release a 3 way split album in 7'' together with German, Smart Violence and the Japanese, Crikey Claw, a small gift to our fans and our third production, for 2018. we'll have a calm with the live, we have a concert scheduled in Germany in February, and we will concentrate on creating new songs and a new album... at least 10-12 songs.

14. Thanks for the interview! Last for the Serbian comrades...

Thanks a lot for this interview. We see on December 16. everyone under the stage for a great evening of RAC N ROLL... HAIL SERBIA 14/88.