понедељак, 27. фебруар 2017.


1. Regards! First can you introduce your band and its brief history to the readers?

WHITE DEMONS: The band's members are: Albertos Lianos, drums and backing vocals, founder of Hellenic bands No Surrender (2002-present), War criminals (2005), Pride and pain (2008), Razorblade Nightmare (2011) and former member of ChaoSS Hellas (2006), Social Defeat (2015); Georgios Pandremenos, bass guitar and backing vocals, from bands No Surender and Social Defeat; Steve J.Drakos on vocals and guitars, founder of band Nabat (1979-1983), Skrewdriver bassist in 1984-1985 and in album “Blood & Honour” as “Steve A”, founder of industrial-techno bands DerDrakos (2006-2013, album ”Blood To Blood”) and Front Of Hell (2013-present, album “Avanguardia”).

2. Can you tell us something about new album "God of Europe"?

WHITE DEMONS: "God of Europe" is a 10-songs album with an experimental character that combines Hard rock, Oi! and Metal styles. It’s a polemic album, devoted to the European racial war that has already begun. It conveys the ancient Hellenic fury and the perception of blood in a world that is collapsing. It calls to a vigilance and requires the elimination of our fears. The album is already banned in Germany.

3. Which are your favorite bands, from the past and new ones, and which of them had more influence on your sound?

WHITE DEMONS: Some bands had a common influence on all of us, like Skrewdriver, Centurion, Bound For Glory, Squadron and generally all the old school of Oi/RAC style, then there are the individual sound styles of each one of us which vary, for example Bathory, Falkenbach, military music, even classic music and industrial. The list is long and definitely not fit at an interview. Generally we get inspiration from sounds that strengthen the spirit and forge the soul of the warrior and of the poet. Therefore, we wouldn’t say that there is one, or some particular bands from which we have been influenced, because our music is a result of both common and individual sound attitudes that gave life to a special new creation: the White Demons hard style.

4. Can you tell us more about WP music scene in Greece?

WHITE DEMONS: Although the Hellenic WP scene has a history of some decades, it never had a mass character. It has started in very closed circles because of the hostility that prevailed against this music scene. During the past, many bands have been active in the WP scene like Boiling Blood, No Surrender, Iron Youth, Koimprisser, Th.re.at, Filopatria, Pogrom and many others. Things have not changed a lot today. Bands like Defender, No Surrender, Social Defeat, Battle Dogs and others continue leaving their own stigma.

5. Have you had a live performance?

WHITE DEMONS: We are a new band and this is our first album. Until now (March 2017) we have played live just once, in a Nationalist/NS festival, the Day of Honor in Budapest, invited by the excellent Hungarian organizers, where other bands also performed on stage. Another live performance is also on schedule for June 2017 in Bohemia. We are planning gigs in Italy and of course in our own country Hellas.

6. What are your future plans, where do you see your band in the coming years?

WHITE DEMONS: There are many plans for the future. First, we are already working on our second album. Then, as we just said, we plan more gigs around in all Europe, all the best we can get. Our desire is to communicate the spirit of white worldwide resistance with the electric evocations of our music and lyrics. This is our main purpose, together with the creation of a magic, positive, affirmative strength through joy.

7. Steve, can you tell us about your experience in Skrewdriver? 

STEVE J. DRAKOS: This is what I write in the biographic part of my new book "Poems of Blood & Faith" (the book is available from the websites Amazon, Barracuda Records, Create Space etc.):
"In 1984, after I left my previous band Nabat for many reasons including political issues, I moved to London. One day while I was walking with some friends along King's Road, I saw a large gathering of very hard-looking skinheads, since I was also a skinhead I said hello and I introduced myself, against the advice of my terrified friends: the real nasty English guys were instead quite curious to talk to an Italian-Greek nationalist skinhead and among them was Ian Stuart Donaldson, we became friends, frequented the same pubs and concerts, after a few weeks some of us lived in the same hotel close to King's Cross station (the Ferndale Hotel which is also visible in the Sex Pistols' film "The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle" (1980) directed by Julien Temple). Skrewdriver's lineup was still that of the album "Hail the New Dawn" (1984), but a little later, in the second half of 1984, they were left without bass player, so I spoke to Ian Stuart Donaldson about my discreet musicianship and he booked me for an audition, I played very well in that audition with my used Washburn bass (the one that you can see in the live and studio pictures from that period and which I still keep in my house today). During the audition Ian Stuart Donaldson told the others something like: "We had to go to Italy to find a good bass player!" And so I was officially in the new lineup. I am the only non-British musician that's ever been a member of Skrewdriver and who played gigs and made records with the band. It's one of my eternal honors. I played several live concerts with Skrewdriver around London, all gigs were banned and secret yet packed with public. My first gig with Skrewdriver was on December 22nd 1984, they called it the "white Xmas gig", on stage were also the Brutal Attack and the Die-Hards. It was of course a secret event with word of mouth invitations and meeting point at Holborn tube station, central line. It has also been a very violent evening, with fights and stabbings in the crowd, the music event was great, but after the gig the bands' crews had to help the organizers clean the place from the thousands of beer cans on the floor mixed with small and bigger pools of blood, I wish I had taken photos of that because it would have been a real document of musical warfare. I have photos of our gig anyway, still unpublished to date... My last gig in the band was on Sunday April 21st 1985, another banned gig with meeting point at Apsley B.R. station, we played that just before we started planning the recordings of the "Blood & Honour" LP. The studio of the band was also a secret location in the East End of London, it belonged to drummer Mark Sutherland, there we did all the rehearsals, shot the famous black&white pictures using a small camera with self-timer that we had placed on an amplifier in front of us, and also recorded this mythical album "Blood & Honour" in June 1985 for the German label Rock-O-Rama, as well as the singles "Streetfight" and "Friday Night", in different sessions of which I have marked the exact dates in my diary.

 The recording of the fourteen songs of the "Blood & Honour" album took in fact several days of long hard musical work. To be perfectly precise: I started recording the bass lines on June 9th and finished on June 25th 1985, for a total of five recording sessions. On June 28th I was already back on the continent. I had to leave England, and therefore also Skrewdriver, to help my family and wait for the birth of my first son, Alex Drakos. On the back cover of the album's first edition you can read: "Thanks to Steve A. for playing bass"... Later, in the end of the Eighties, also the skinhead scene began to be dishonored by idiots sniffing glue, by ignorant people who had never read a book and, even worse, the zombies s.h.a.r.p. or redskins. I decided to close forever this experience... Ian Stuart Donaldson was a lionheart and a true European fighter, I still keep hand written and signed letters sent to me by him, the song lists of concerts written by his hand, posters of gigs and recordings of the rehearsals, original photos and more in my archives. In Skrewdriver, we were all very determined in our commitment to the band and to its national ideas, but we also had much fun when playing or rehearsing, and of course we always had our cup of tea at exactly 5pm. My own views were the same before joining the band and are the same today. I am not interested in any particular ideology, be it left or right, I am a 1000% European nationalist, a pure 'native' European since millions of generations. I was inside London's underground music scene for the art and for the girls, but I also got in contact with the circuits of National Front and British Movement, and with some members of Third Position who had to flee from Italy, all interesting persons. The Rock Against Communism (R.A.C.) scene was developing at that time and it was quite heavy, we shared the stage with bands like Brutal Attack, Indecent Exposure, The Die-Hards, Offensive Weapon and the like. Ian Stuart Donaldson's work changed forever the patriotic music scene in Europe and even the rock music worldwide, he has smashed a wall of hypocrisy and cowardice and paid personally a high price for this; next time we'll be playing with the band in Hell. Enough said... I would just like to point out one important thing: in 1985 the central London branch of the National Front (of which I was a member alongside with Ian Stuart Donaldson and Adam Douglas from Australia, one of the two Skrewdriver's guitarists together with former 4-Skins guitarist Paul Swain) was composed by patriots coming from all over Europe rather than by the British. It was the very first European vanguard of the events that are happening now on a large scale and it is a great pride, for myself, to see after so many years a whole people marching and shouting "Αίμα και Τιμή" ("Blood and Honour" one of the main slogans of Golden Dawn) in the streets of my beloved Athens, risen directly from my Greeks who had never even been considered before and which are now back to being, for the umpteenth time in the last five thousand years, an inspiration to the entire planet. It is a circle of glory that has welded, opening a new era."

8. How strong are the anti-NS laws in your country? Also tell us how strong is the left wing, do they cause you a lot of problems?

WHITE DEMONS: Τhe anti-NS laws in our country are quite heavy. Although it’s not forbidden to declare oneself to be a NS, there are always persecutions and media lies against all kinds of Nationalists. According to the clownish 'antiracist law' there is ‘offensive opinion’ when it doesn’t agree with the corrupt mentality of the traitorous government. Since 1974, even if we were supposed to have ‘right-wing’ governments, the creeping lefty culture has dominated in many crucial parts of the nation like the universities, the media, the art, infecting the people's soul against their own national consciousness. Nowadays the 'anti-race' new-left government has granted total immunity to all the illegal invaders, the 'antiracist' or 'antifa' insects and any traitors of our nation who are completely devoted to try to destroy our immortal country. Since ever, there have been hard conflicts between patriots and left scum and even immigrants, and today's pseudo-government always covers and helps them accusing the resistance of Greeks like 'acts of hate' or 'acts of crime'. But in the end, a total and mercyless victory will be ours!

9. What do you think about todays WP/NS scene in Europe?

WHITE DEMONS: As musicians, we know that our powers of changing things are both limited and great at the same time. It’s wonderful to see young people getting energy through the music, with rage and hate for the enemies of our blood and history, with love and devotion for every superior National idea. The worldwide WP scene has a great number of remarkable bands continuing the history from the older bands and musicians, bringing sometimes new styles. The culture that is born from this scene is not only a line of defense, it is first of all an attack against everything that's rotten in our own Fatherlands. Many times, through these sounds, archetypal images of the past are emerging, which we have to live and make them allies for the hard future that comes. We believe that the WP scene has very much to offer to our youth and peoples, even more to change.

10. Tell us something about NS and Nationalist/Patriotic movements in Greece and which organization you support?

WHITE DEMONS: Here in Greece with all these terrible facts happening, there are many people who start to get awake, at fucking last!.. Unfortunately a big percentage is still in lethargy. The popular movement of Golden Dawn had a strong rise even while many of its members were political prisoners. There are of course many other Patriotic or NS movements who fight every day, through both research and action. The various 'left' or 'right' traitor governments were always hostile against all of the Nationalists, not only for their acts but specially for their ideas, and are always trying to defeat them. Beyond the differences that exist between the various Nationalist points of view, we do have is a common purpose. We support every movement that fights against the globalization and the genocide of the white race. The unity will bring the victory, the division our disappearance. So the choice is very easy: our sacred duty is to be united like the different ranks and the many individuals of one powerful army.

11. Last words for Serbian comrades?

WHITE DEMONS: Our respect for the Serbian people is deep and unbreakable, since centuries. We must keep our different national identities while fighting the common enemy. Many times we say that 'the day will come' etc.: no, the day of vengeance is here and now! The fight is here and now! The White Demons band's name means: "be a God for your people, be a Devil for your enemies". Hail from Hellas!