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Providjenje interview

Interview with Serbian band from november 2012 taken from Slovenian magazine Nacionalna zavest nr.7

Tell us short history of your band,and wich are the main reasons for your comeback ?

Band was formed in the now distand year of 1996,with a goal to create something new in Serbia,our own NS scene,because untill then our people were listening to Serbian bands that werent NS,but were close to our skinhead movement.We simply wanted our own scene with NS bands,and decided to form a band that will be a part of NS skinhead scene and that will spread  NS message.We had enough of bands like Ritam nereda,Direktori or Šaht,we didnt consider them as ˝our bands˝,because they didnt had NS lyrics,and we wanted to give our people something that exsisted in other countries,that was NS scene,NS bands and NS music.So our band started with work in ´96 when we recorded our first  material ˝Red,rad i disciplina˝,wich was published on a cassette,because cds didnt existed back then and we couldnt release it on LP,since the only one that were releasing LPs at that time were RTS wich was a state firm.So the only option was to release it as a cassette,wich we did.After that we released our second cassette with a title ˝Snaga rase˝ and also published a few songs on some compilations.We decided for our comeback because there is no musical NS scene in Serbia today.Everything has kind of faded,there are no new bands,so we decided to start up the scene again a bit,to bring it back to life.This is the main reason for our comeback and we hope that there will be other young NS bands that will follow our way and build our national musical scene, our movement and spread our national ideas  together with us.

Providjenje is one of the first Serbian RAC bands,tell us something about the Serbian movement from the days when you started and wich are some of the main differences in the todays movement if you compare it to that days?

When we started to play our scene was just forming.There were NS skinheads in Serbia at that time,but we didnt had our scene,our bands or our movement,so our people were,as i said before,listening to some bands like Ritam nereda,Direktori and Šaht,wich had some connections with the skinhead movement,but were never NS bands with political national lyrics.So because there was no scene at that time,we and some other bands like Državni udar started to create our own scene,the same scene like Skrewdriver created in England,we wanted to create in Serbia.We were just sick of bands that were only singing about beer and similar bullshit,while our land was collapsing,while our nation was in danger and in war.I think that the scene and the movement in Serbia today is in stagnation and it seems like we are back at the beginning when everything has to be set in motion again.The only difference is that there is alot of NS people in Serbia today that knows alot about NS,and they have alot of everything availible today,from informations to music that they can listen thru the internet.The difference is we didnt had all those things in the beginning of the 90s,there was no internet,you couldnt buy cds or t-shirts anywhere,we didnt had any bands,we didnt have anywhere to read about NS and our movement,we had to create it all ourselves and to educate people , and we had to build and educate ourselves.Today i think that the new generations have everything at the reach of their hands,they have many more posibillities than we had in the 90s,but it seems that they lack motivation and enthusiasm,maybe its because they have everything at their reach,they lack motivation to create something new.We didnt had all those things so we wanted our scene and our bands,so we created it ourselves and it wasnt hard for us.We were young and we wanted our voice to be heard in Serbia,we had something to say and we wanted to sing about the things that nobody in Serbia has sang before.I think that every time has its own burdens and that every generation has something of their own.I hope that our activism will have some influence on the young generation to choose our way so that the scene will be revived and active again.
You have released your latest cd,with 4 new and 18 old songs,for Polish label ˝Homo Superior˝,tell us something more about this cd and how are you satisfied with your cooperation with HS?

We didnt want to see our old songs recorded in ´96 to go to waste,so we decided to record them again alongside some new songs.We have recorded cd for Polish label HS,and we are very satisfied with this cooperation.Owner of this label has serbian ancestry,his ancestors came to Poland from Serbia,so this is one more reason to record for his label.He is a big friend of Serbia and our nation so cooperation with him went good and it was a pleasure for both us and him.Cd that we released is some kind of our ˝Best of˝ album.We chosed the songs that we wanted to record again and added some new songs,so the result si cd with 22 songs wich we hope our people will like.

You shared the stage with many well known RAC bands,can you tell us wich concerts do you remember the most?

I personally liked all the concerts we played  during the 90s,both the ones with Serbian bands in Serbia and the ones abroad.I remember the concert we played in slovakia in ´99 together with Vlajka,DMS and Razors edge in front of 1000 people and when we returned to Serbia the bombing of Serbia from zionist NATO army began.I also remember a concert we played in Hungary together with Bound for glory and Aryan in front of more than 1500 people or the concert with legendary German band Landser in Budapest.There was alot of good concerts during the 90s from wich we all have good memories.We played with alot of European bands and with all Serbian bands like Kristalna noč,Državni udar,Trijumf volje,Razor 88,Battle flag,Sorab 18 and others.

Wich bands inspired you the most to start your own band,and wich are some of todays bands you like?

I personally listen mostly to RAC bands,and bands like Skrewdriver,No remorse,Blackshirts,Chingford attack,Razors Edge and many others had the biggest influence on me.I like English RAC but i also like other bands like Landser,Kolovrat and also American NS bands.Latelly ive been listening mostly to bands from Slavic lands like Russkiy Styag,Sokyra Peruna,Antisystem and others.Other members of the band also listen to our NS bands from RAC to metal and hardcore.I also like some good metal and hardcore and  also good rock bands.
 When you started to play Serbia was under Milošević and the communist regime,today Serbia has a democratic goverment,was being NS skinhead harder in the past,was there more repression then or is it harder now?Also did you had any problems with the police as a band?

You are right,when we started to play Serbia was under Miloševič regime but that regime wasnt communist.I think theres  less freedom today,than in times of Miloševič.In times of Milošević we werent followed or monitored like we are being in the last few years under the now ex-president Boris Tadić.I mean we also had problems in times of Slobodan Milošević,his police would interrupt our concerts and arrest people without any reason,but i think that today is much worse,theres much less freedom.We have laws in Serbia today that are suffocating freedom of speech,and this laws were passed under the regime of Boris Tadić,wich is suppossed to be ˝democratic˝.They are democratic only in words while in reality in the last few years under Boris Tadić the nationalists are being persecuted and arrested.There were show trials,under this regime of Tadić,with false indictments where nationalists were convicted with prison sentences,despite the false indictments and without any real proof. The ˝democratic˝ regime has decided to start oppression against nationalists,so the nationalists are being persecuted,arrested,followed and monitored.Freedom of speech doesnt exist in Serbia today.It only exists on paper and in writting,while in reality the police and the goverment are doing what they want.The justice system and the police are controled by the goverment,there is no indipendent justice sistem,if they want to arrest someone they will do it,they will plant evidence and arrest him,because that someone is a disturbance for their regime.Nationalists are being persecuted in Serbia,thats reality,we will see how long will this last.

You play under the flag of BH Serbia,Are there any other organisations in Serbia worthy of support?

We are independent RAC band,we dont play under BH Serbia,but we do support  activism and work of BH/C18 Serbia.

Tell us in wich other bands did members of Providenje also played thru the years and in wich bands are they still playing?

Some of our members are active in some other bands but because we live in ˝democracy˝ i cant publicly say wich are those bands.

More than ten years ago you played in Slovenia,what memories do you have on that concert,and what is your opinion about Slovenian NS movement?

I think that concert left good memories to our band members.Slovenia is a small country but it has a good movement.I think you have more chances for activism because you have more freedom of speech and a better economic situation than Serbia.Your movement and scene is good but it could be better.Its bad you dont have more bands thats something that lacks in your scene.

What are your future plans?Can we expect a new album from Providenje any time soon?

We have plans for a new album,but its still early to talk about this since we are still promoting our last cd that recently saw the light of day.

Thanks for the interview the last words are yours.

Thank you for the interview and for the interest in our band.We are glad that our voice can be heard in Slovenia and we want to say hello to all our Slovenian comrades.Hopefully we will play in Slovenia soon and see  each other.Hail Slovenia and Serbia!
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