среда, 06. фебруар 2019.

Interview Blood & Honour/318 Brazil

1. Hello Brazilian comrade can you tell us short history of your B&H/318 division?

We are organization of southern skinheads since 1999. We are in contact with a lot brothers in Europe. We started the first section B&H in 2006 . Our brotherhood is called Imperial BH division. Now we are four countries that  work united: MEXICO , CHILE , COLOMBIA and BRAZIL.

 2. What is the current political situation in Brazil ?

It is very hard. After 13 years of communist government Brasil is broken , corrupted politicans , all politicans robbed our country , public money deviation , the worst robbery in the country's history.

3. What kind of propaganda do you use?

In Brazil all fascist or NS simbols is prohibited. NS or fascist propaganda in the streets is six years of jail , the law here is very strict. We use more stickers with racial phrases, gigs and social networks.

4. Tell me what is the biggest problem in Brazil (junkies, red-antifa scum...)?

The biggest problem is all that scum. We have a lot antifa, redskins, sharps and anarho punks commies. We lost four comrades, all murdered in time gap of five years by the red scum. They tried to kill me three times. In one of these attempts I was stabbed six times. The ex brazilian governement supported antifa groups.

5. What do you think about Jair Messias Bolsonaro and his politics (the media in Europe show him as a nationalist politicians)?

Yes, he is nationalist and patriotic politican, ex military officier, hate commies , gays , and all red scum. But, he supports the Israel and zionists , but better that patriotic government than a red governement.

6. You were active in the few bands, tell us something about your new band Corrosão?

We have a band called Southern Warriors and we have a lot of projects like Intimidation oi , Faceless enemy. We are recording cds for Corrosão and Southern Warriors.

7. Tell us something about Trust No One records?

Trust no one records was created by me to record our cds and propaganda. I got in to trouble with owner of specialized CD shop where I have been making CDs for the sampler combat. Because of the content on those CDs, the owner almost called the police. So, I decided to make my own record label.

 8. Can you tell us more about R.A.C. scene in Brazil?

The scene here is very complicated. Here R.A.C. music has the power to turn blacks into whites, so fucking mestizos and other racial mixers use celtic cross and wp simbols. That is so sick.  Because of that combat hate everyone and all organizations here. Our country is southern land in southern Brazil. Here lives the most white population of europeans imigrants .

9. Do you have any special historical hero in Brazil?

Yes, we have Plinio Salgado, Gustavo Barroso, all fascists and integralist heroes and Enéas a fascist politician died of cancer , and Egon Albrecht Brazilian luftwaffe soldier born in Curitiba Brazil and died on 25. august in 1944. (26 years) in Creil, France .

10. Which NS organizations do you know and support?

WE know a lot of organizations but only support B&H/318. There is a lot of fake groups that uses our names. All that fucking scum better not cross our way and get the fuck out from our movement.

11. Thanks for interview, your last words for Serbian brothers?

Thanks for support brothers. We should keep fighting on. We all should be proud for beeing in same family B&H/318. Salute to all Serbian brothers. Hail B&H/318

среда, 30. јануар 2019.

Concert in Györ

20.04.2019. GIG in Györ! 

- Indulat
- 2YT4U
- Proviđenje

Info: 318hungary@gmail.com

четвртак, 24. јануар 2019.

Interview Blood & Honour/318 Division Colombia

1. For start, can you tell us short history of your B&H division?

In Colombia, with the contribution of Comrade Alex C. the "NÍTIDO", the Sergeant of Brazil (in charge of Central and South America, France, Italy and, of course, England, the ones that approved the Division in Colombia) thanks to the efforts of the Comrades in Colombia in 2017, the Division grew to become the most SERIOUS National Socialist Movement in Colombia, performing physical, tactical training, joint tasks, seminars, lectures, concerts, marketing, polygons and other related studies, in all its commands around the country, such as Bogotá, Medellín, pasture and the plains.

2. What kind of propaganda and activism do you use in B&H Colombia to spread your ideas? 

We do propaganda through this blog and social networks https://c18divisioncolombia.wixsite.com/officialsite 
We do work on the streets, such as distributing pamphlets and making graffiti, performing marches, concerts and events, indoctrinations and tactical physical training.

3. When National Socialist ideology first appeared in your country? 

National Socialism in Colombia, we take it as defend our European heritage, mostly through Spain, to defend our nation of sionism, and comunist guerrilla and to fight for our white families.

4. Which is the biggest problem in Colombia (junkies, reds-liberals scum, sects)? 

The biggest problem in Colombia is sionism, and comunism.

5. What are your favorite historical person in Colombia? 

My general Gustavo Rojas Pinilla, he was a true Colombian Fascist president.

6. Do you have any problems with antifa scum? 

Of course, I was in jail during 9 years, for fighting and beating up comunists, from there I've been target of attacks on social networks as local press and media and physically towards me and my family.

7. Do you work with any other organizations in Colombia and with wich organisations from other countries do you cooperate and have the best contacts?

In Colombia I work with organizations such names I can not say and internationally only with B&H C18 Imperial, which they are C18 Mexican, C18 Brazil, C18 Chile and of course C18 Colombia.

 8. Do you have R.A.C scene and bands in Colombia? 

At the beginining, we had the support of many RAC bands, then after many racial differences and their way of seeing National Socialism, we decided to stop supporting those bands and doing events with them.

9. What are your future plans and where do you see your division in the coming years? 

My future plans are to fight against Sionism and its comunist guerrila, and my Division I see it in the coming years as the most important National Socialist movement.

10. Thanks for the interview, your message to Serbian comrades...

Heil Serbian Comrades, 8318! This is a message of encouragement and support among all the white National Socialist of the world that we fight together for our ideology and against international Zionism and their creations communism and capitalism. With patient and dedication someday we will visit our Serbian comrades and drink some beers, have a prosper and long life 28/318!

Alex, Colombian Sergeant 318

среда, 09. јануар 2019.

Срећан рођендан ОТАЏБИНО!

Активисти Српске Крв и Част дивизије из Републике Српске одрадили су плакате поводом 9. Јануара, дана Републике Српске. Овим датумом Република Српска слави 27 година поноса, славе и части.

Живела Република Српска!

Слава свим палим јунацима за слободу Српскога народа!

Живела Српска Крв и Част дивизија!

петак, 19. октобар 2018.

Interview 2yt4u

1. Regards! First can you introduce your band and its brief history to the readers?

-Hail to all the Comrades who read this! In 2017, we started from a sudden idea as a project band. Since then we have given some concerts in Hungary and we are now working on our debut album. Our bass player has a 2yt4u tattoo on his face, the name is taken from here. A moving advert for us.

2. Wich are some of your favourite bands, from the past and new ones, and wich of them had the biggest influence on your sound?

-We are listening to many genres, from Oi! to Hardcore to Black Metal. Favorite bands who inspired us? There are plenty. To name just a few, without the need for completeness: Archívum, Vérszerződés, Fehér Törvény, Skrewdriver, No Remorse, Landser, Kolovrat, SPQR...etc...

3. Can you tell us something about your old band Indulat?

-The Indulat was founded in 2011, since then we regularly perform concerts in Hungary and sometimes in Europe. So far, our debut album has appeared and we have three songs on a compilation album released by Polish comrades. We are working on new songs, hopefully next year will be available

4. Do you support any NS organisation?

-Three of us are members of C18 Hungary, but we support the activities of all other organizations.

5. Tell us something about NS scene in Hungary?

-In addition to international organizations (Hammer Skins, Skins 4 Skins, B & H, C18), there are also domestic initiatives (Betyársereg, Légió Hungária). After the last few years, I feel like we've started looking for what's joining and sharing, and that's a good way to think.

6. Is it still active organization MNA (Magyar Nemzeti Arcvonal) in Hungary?

-Unfortunately, the MNA is not active. But we keep in touch with the old members.

7. What do you think about todays WP/NS scene in Europe?

-It is noticeably strengthened, events with thousands of visitors demonstrate this. But unfortunately, the Alt-Right movements that are emerging today attract many valuable people.

8. Which is the biggest problem in your country (junkies, reds-liberals scum, sects)?

-Left-liberal brainwashing and social strata that are unable to integrate. It is a pity to waste more words on them, and the Antifa movement is so weak that we have nothing to talk about.

9. What do you think about a migrant invasion on Europe and your opinion on about Victor Orbán?

-The migrant invasion is an islamic cancer in Europe. The liberal revolution in the 60’ are made a faithless vacuum, and the muslims are to fill this. We need a turning back to the traditional values and European religions, to stop this disease. Victor Orbán? He’s a puppet of the z.o.g. like Putin, and the other “nationalist democrat’s” all over Europe.

10. Tell us something about day of honour in Hungary, we see that there it was a 318 crew?

-The Day of Honor commemorations were started in the 90's by the membership of Hungária Skins, who were then active within the MNA. Their aim was not to immerse themselves in the obscurity of the Hungarian and German soldiers, the heroic and sacred victim of the long siege of Budapest.

The Day of Honor this year was organized by Hammer Skins and Skins 4 Skins. We were only participants of the commemoration, supporting their work with our presence.

11. What are your future plans, where do you see your band in the coming years and are you planning to releasing a album?

-We have a lot of plans for the future, starting with an introductory album and concerts on the Hungarian and international scene. We have already talked about a concert in Serbia, and hope we will soon be able to release it.

12. Thanks for the interview! Last for the Serbian comrades...

-First of all, thank you for your inquiry and thank everyone for reading these lines. We believe that Europe will only be big again once the chauvinism is overcome and every nation begins to think in a strong Europe of the Nation’s.

Kosovo je Srbija!

Thanks for all! Hail Victory!